Spyder MySpace Friend Blaster Bot for Mac OS X with CAPTCHA Bypass

Spyder - MySpace Friend Adder Bot for Mac OS X with CAPTCHA Bypass

The easiest way to keep track of your MySpace accounts and friends. Search for friends not only by name, but by their interests as well. Easily send messages and find new friends without having to navigate broken web content and forms, you can even accept or deny pending friend requests from other users. Identify people quicker by face than name. Save time by typing your messages and comments once and sending it to everyone you select. You can try the worlds most advanced MySpace Friend Adder for FREE.

Spyder Review

If you use Facebook check out this Facebook Friend Adder Bot for Mac OS X.



Application and a Preference Pane designed to help users manage ssh-agent and ssh-add features in Mac OS X. It is useful for setting the ssh-agent environment variables at login so that the Finder and Dock inherit the ssh-agent environment variables.

Source code: XSSHLogin.zip

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